Why The Funeral Ceremony Is Important

The funeral ceremony is the official last goodbye to the person who died from the friends and family members and the people who attend the funeral ceremony. One day we all have to go from where we have come and that is the last final destination, there are many religions but the final destination of every person is same no matter from which religion they belong. Funerals ceremony is a farewell to the person who already left this world; some of the people want to see the person for the last time because after that they are not able to see that person so this ceremony is important. In that ceremony, everyone shares their thoughts and acknowledge what they feel about died person and console to the friends and family members.

Last goodbye

We human are so busy that we hardly have time to meet with our loved once either they live far or they live in other city or country so it is difficult to meet them but when we heard that our loved one is left the world this news is always heart wrenching and we blamed ourselves that we should have met the person once before a person left us so for that the family of the person who died arrange a funeral ceremony like the last time party so that people come and some of the people come from different city or country just to attend the funeral ceremony so they don’t have any regret.

Console the family and provide support

When a person left this world and he leaves his family behind it is so much difficult for the family to survive without the person with whom they have lived all their lives you should console them and say good things about the person so they feel better. In some of the family only one person who earns the money and the other family members dependant on him and one day that person left this world now the family is not financially stable and they cannot even arrange the funeral you should help them and support them so they can at least arrange low cost funerals as a farewell to the person.

Funerals give meaning to life

Some of the people who forget that they don’t die and they stay alive forever and some of the people want to die and leave everything for the funerals ceremony is important to attend so they can see the reality that everyone has to go one day and if the person goes how family and friends will miss them terribly.

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